Chairman:Francis-Calist - MEERUT
Most Rev. Francis Kalist
Bishop of Meerut
Bishop’s House
283, Roorkee Road
Meerut Cantt. – 250 001
Uttar Pradesh, India
Tel. (O): 0121-2642790, Tel. (P): 0121-2641274
Email (O): mrtdiocese@gmail.com
Email (P): kalistfrancis@gmail.com
Website: www.dioceseofmeerut.org
Executive Secretary:

Rev. Sr. Lilly Francis SMMI
MI Convent, Civil Line
Nagpur-440001, Maharashtra, India
Mobile : 09404357873
E-mail : lillypoove@gmail.com
Most Rev. Clement Tirkey
Bishop of Jalpaiguri
Bishop’s House Jalpaiguri
P. O. Mohit Nagar – 735 102
Dist. Jalpaiguri
West Bengal, IndiaTel. (O): 03561-255371, Tel. (P): 03561-257472, 255370
Fax: 03561-255371
Email (O): jcdjpg52@gmail.com
Email (P): bishjal@gmail.com
Most Rev. Joseph Aind, SDB
Bishop of Dibrugarh
Bishop’s House
Post Box No. 50,
Dibrugarh – 786 001
Assam, India
Tel. (O): 0373-2324436, Tel. (P): 0373-2321496
Fax: 0373-2321496
Email: bpjaind@hotmail.com
Website: www.dibrugarhdiocese.org

2. Introduction

CCBI Commission for Women is one of the Commissions of the CCBI, Conference of Catholic Bishops of India, which caters to the welfare of women all over India, especially the Catholic women. The women who are deprived of their basic education, economic status, political stand and human dignity are seen to. The Commission tries to come to the aid of those deprived of basic human rights of food, clothing and shelter, through the Church and other agencies. It also caters precisely to those oppressed by the unjust structures of the society; those neglected and ill-treated by their family members specially their husbands. The leaders try to conscientize them, make them aware of their rights and gather them as one body (group) to stand for their rights. The commission works for the empowerment of women of all strata of society. In every parish, region and diocese there is a women’s cell which works under the leadership of a woman leader and a secretary for the welfare of women and girl child. The women leaders work tirelessly at the formation of the women in their groups who in turn work for the wellbeing of their kind which will bring the promotion of God’s kingdom in India.

3. The Vision

Empowering of women to bring about a change in the Church and Society. Our aim is to free women from all that binds (social, cultural, economic bondages) them so that they have a free excess for their own self transformation.

4. The Mission

To elevate the status of women of all works of life. To aim at improving their standard so that they are self-reliant, fearlessly voice themselves and stand for their rights.

5. The Objectives

Faith Formation; Pastoral and Community Involvement; Empowering women to bring about a change in the Church and Society through Biblical Training/ Liturgical Training/ Pastoral Training and Professional Training.

6. History of our Commission for Women

In the beginning the CCBI had no commission for women. It was only in the year 2009 it felt the need of a separate Commission for Women and Youth besides the one in CBCI. So responding to the demands that emerge from the economic, pastoral and social injustices and harassment of women the CCBI, Commission for Women was formed. The first Chairman of our Commission for Women is Rt. Rev. Bishop Edwin Colaco, Bishop of Aurangabad.
Main regular activities or programmes of our Commission: Awareness programmes on Aids/ Sex Education/Girl Child. Legal Rights of Women. Personal Hygiene. Importance of Education. Cleanliness of surrounding. Bible classes. Women leaders in the Bible. Safeguarding Environment/ Electricity/ Water.

Former Chairmen
1. Bishop Edwin Colaco : 2008 to 2015
2. Bishop Francis Kalist : 2015

Former Executive Secretaries
1. Sr. Philomena D’ Silva SCC 2009-2015
2. Sr. Tessina FSLG: 2015-2016
3. Sr. Josain D’Souza M.S.A.: 2016-2017
4. Sr. Lilly Francis SMMI 2017-