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 Abstract Statistics of Latin Catholic Church in India

Latin Dioceses in India 132
Archbishops 23
Bishops 103
Apostolic Administrators 10
Administrator 4
Auxiliary Bishops 8
Bishops Emeriti 47
Total Population in Latin Dioceses
Total Catholic Population in Latin Diocese 1,59,26,630
Total Number of Parishes 9,294
Parishes 7,107
Mission Stations or Quasi Parishes 2,187
Total Number of Latin Catholic Priests 21,018
Diocesan Priests 10,545
Religious Priests 10,473
Male Religious 20,731
Female Religious 58,079
Educational Institutions 20,207
Statistics updated on 2 March 2020

About the Conference of Catholic Bishops of India

The Conference of Catholic Bishops of India (CCBI) is a National Episcopal Body that enables the Latin Catholic Bishops of the country to exchange ideas and information, deliberate on the Church’s broad concerns and take care of the pastoral needs of the faithful. It is one of the four biggest Bishops’ Conferences of the world. It has 129 dioceses and 165 active and retired bishop members. The Conference is to assist the bishops both for pastoral care and for evangelization: the twin duties of a bishop.
One of the main purposes of CCBI according to its statutes is “to promote that greater good which the Church offers humankind especially through fora and programmes of the apostolate which are adequately adapted to the circumstances of time and space” (Statutes, art. 3:1).

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